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ijebu united football club

IJEBU UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB came into existence in the year 2005. The club, known and addressed as OLISA FOOTBALL CLUB at the time, was the brain child of passionate and consummate sports enthusiasts from the private sector who believed in adding to the progress and development of the game of football in Nigeria replicating world’s best practices.


Perhaps it is pertinent to state here that the Management of OLISA FOOTBALL CLUB, conscious of the need and importance to run a truly professional football club and set an enviable standard, decided on a pilot project of two (2) years to assess the administration of the game of football in the country. Consequently, all activities of the club were suspended in year 2007 to allow for a thorough appraisal.

The team made a brief return just for the 2009/2010 football season specifically to put to test, few of the observations and lessons learnt while on recess.

Absolutely convinced that enough lessons have been learnt, human and material resources adequately positioned, management decided to finally re-launch the club in year 2015. However, after wide and diligent consultations, particularly to widen the scope and horizon of the club, OLISA FOOTBALL CLUB was renamed IJEBU UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB.


Building a truly professional football club as a vessel to transform and positively contribute to the growth of football in Nigeria.


Exploring huge opportunities presented through private and community ownership of football clubs towards turning the outfit into one of the best competing brands world over.


Management and Board of Ijebu United Football Club are tirelessly working to improve on the gains achieved so far and moulding the club into a model.

IJEBU UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB is a limited liability outfit duly registered to engage in all sporting related activities including marketing in sports equipments.

The club is an affiliate of Ogun State Football Association and by extension, Nigeria Football Federation.